How can you benefit from robotization? – client story

Our client, one of the KBC Insurance entities generated over 400% ROI in the first year and gained additional benefits by automating its refund process.

BCA’s RPA team has automated a process for recording insurance fee refunds – a monotonous process with a large number of transactions and simple rules. The new robot executes around 130,000 transactions per year - completely error-free - handling each transaction six times faster than manual processing would. 

Having automated the process, 67,000 customers received their overpaid funds 50% faster than they would have prior to 2019.

Freed capacity

On the one hand, automating a few hundred daily cases allowed dedicated colleagues to refocus their efforts on more profitable tasks from day one. On the other hand, Call centre load – for the related event category – has also fallen significantly since customers would no longer call to inquire about their expected pay-out times.

Enhanced process quality & SPEED

Average Handling Time (AHT) decreased to one-sixth as processing time was significantly reduced, falling from weeks to only a few days. Human errors and manual inaccuracies have also been eliminated.

Happier customers and employees

Customer satisfaction increased  thanks to significantly faster processing and more accurate payments. Furthermore, by alleviating personnel of a repetitive and boring burden, colleagues have become more motivated – as measured by an internal well-being index.


Reduced operating costs

With the new fully digital process, paper consumption dropped by 10,000 sheets annually, reducing operating costs and shrinking the environmental footprint.

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Automation consultancy

Foundation is essential, we can help you to take your first steps.


Whether it is choosing the right delivery model, organization structure, infrastructure, questions related to general licensing issues or if you are just in need of some help to decide which process is worth automating: our experts are happy to assist you.

Robotic Services

Our automation projects are end-to-end and transformative at their core!


In the long run, transforming and optimizing current operation is often more effective than automating old obsolete manual practices. We start with the transformation of processes, implement the desired solution and finish with supporting standard operation: a truly end-to-end service. 


Need special expertise or a bunch of experienced developers for scaling up?


If you have in-house competence, it is not always worth investing in a special skill internally.  Managing resource peaks can often also be challenging. We can support you by providing professionals for your project team or agile squad.

RPA – The key to efficiency and outstanding roi

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was invented to automate time-consuming and repetitive IT-based business processes by imitating the activity of human workers on existing legacy applications. It helps in improving and scaling up the businesses’ effectiveness and in the reduction of operational costs. While robots work accurately and tirelessly, your employees can focus on higher added-value activities or can have a rest.


With RPA you can automate various processes, even particularly complex ones: including financial settlements, customer complaints, onboarding, and invoice processing. If processes are properly selected, implementation would typically be very fast and would pay off quickly.

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Should we move in together?

Moving in together is always a big decision, it is true also when we are talking about software robot orchestrators. Most of our corporate clients with subsidiaries or group-size multinational partners have wondered whether they should maintain an Orchestrator for each country/segment of their company or they should opt for a group-wide one. There are pros and cons for both, let us explore these.

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Document management as crucial part of RPA

Organizations strive to eradicate those physically manual processes: like simple manual invoicing processes done by hand. Pen and Paper out – Keyboards and ERP systems in.

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3 steps of defining the RPA operating model

Talking to our customers who are planning or considering to implement software robots, the question often arises: how the implementation of the robotic process automation itself works, because from the business side it seems to be highly technical, and from the IT side it seems to be more business oriented. There is truth in both viewpoints, but this is also the reason why the introduction of RPA is not like a classical IT implementation project.

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In the past 15 years we have gained a strong team of professionals with a mixed skillset of business and IT expertise, having significant experience in Telecommunication, Banking and the Energy industries. We operate with ~150 full-time professionals, and we have an ever-widening range of clients, mostly large multinational enterprises, which are generally sector leaders within their own industry.


Automation is our passion. We delivered our first successful RPA project in 2016 and since then we have grown a team capable of covering the full spectrum, from strategy development through large scale implementation to operation. We are proud to be UiPath GOLD Partners since 2020.


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